Shareholder information

Access the following range of online services to assist you in efficiently managing your holding and keep informed about the affairs of Wesfarmers:

Share registry
Follow the link to Wesfarmers’ share registry to: :
  • obtain information on your holding
  • update your details online
  • download standard forms
  • receive electronic notification of general meetings and dividend statements

General meetings
Obtain information on future and historical meetings.

Direct Voting
Obtain information on direct voting at Wesfarmers Limited's 2009 Annual General Meeting

Dividend history
View a complete history of dividend payments.

Dividend investment plan
Obtain information on the Wesfarmers Dividend Investment Plan.

Capital returns, rights issues and rearrangements
Access information on changes to Wesfarmers securities including rearrangements, share bonus issues, share splits, rights offers and capital returns.

Wesfarmers Partially Protected Shares (WESN)
Access information about Wesfarmers Partially Protected Shares, including full terms.

Email alerts
Automatically receive notification of Wesfarmers news and financial information by email.